Strengthening the Textile & Garment

Strengthening the Textile & Garment Supply Chain, Through Value Addition, Capacity Building, Productivity Improvement, Quality Enhancement & Regional Integration

The project “Strengthening the Textile & Garment Supply Chain”   was a comprehensive programme to build capacity at the national level in Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Kenya and Mauritius with regional exchanges in view to improve supply capacity and product quality of the African manufacturers for increasing export to the EU, US and regional market. The project had the following main objectives:

  • Empower Textile Support Agencies / Intermediary Organizations and Consultants Associations from Mauritius, Madagascar, Ethiopia & Ghana to provide high standard & sustainable technical assistance & Business Development services to their members;Untitled-7
  • Assist textiles and garments factories in these selected African Countries to improve their competitive edge by adding value in their supply chain, improving productivity, enhancing quality and marketability of their products; benchmark with available best practices;
  • Strengthen the African Textile Network to iron out NTBs and develop a true sense of regional integration and supply chain value addition; and engage further Public-Private Dialogue for improved benefit of EPA, AGOA.

A multi-level approach was adopted for the project execution

  • Micro Enterprise levelUntitled-8
    • Factory Audits & Factory Evaluation (FEPA)
    • Local & Regional Workshops
    • On the job Technical Assistance & Supports
  • Macro-Economic / Country Sector Level
    • Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Mauritius – SWOT, status of the Textile Industry, summary of main findings during FEPA, etc.
  • Regional LevelUntitled-9
    • Study on Regional Textile and Garment Sector Business Facilitation & Regional Integration addressing issues on Business Facilitation, Regional Trade and Commerce
    • Market Study on EU Countries, Analysis and Development for the Textile Sector – analysis of export markets of the four countries, marketing strategies, and inputs from Empretec Mauritius following participation in Textile & Fashion Fairs in Sep 2011.

Target Groups

  • At partner IOs (Apex National Textile Associations) levelUntitled-10
  • At Enterprise & IOs member Level (Supported Enterprises)
  • At Institutional Level (National & Regional)

Action Location:  Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Kenya & Mauritius