Social Empowerment & Poverty Alleviation

Poverty Alleviation Initiatives
Using a simple approach, we empower people through community-based social and economic actions to extricate marginalised families, vulnerable women, teenage mothers and the unemployed from the poverty spiral. We have adopted the Inclusive Development and Self-Reliance strategy, which consists in:

  • Guiding people to recognise their potential to help themselves;
  • Transferring collective and cooperative vision to communities;
  • Identifying activists or adopters of cooperative ideas to become conveners or group leaders;
  • Organising people into self-help groups; and
  • Assisting in the setting up of primary groups.

Social Entrepreneurship
We also support the creation of social enterprises for the benefit of our target beneficiaries and society in general. We offer support similar to what we provide for enterprise creation but go further in the handholding process to make the social enterprise viable and self-sustainable.

Women Empowerment
We focus on empowerment of low-income and marginalised women from selected poverty-stricken regions to increase their access to social and health services, economic resources and opportunities including skills development, productive assets, better income and market information.

Bridging the Education & Skills Gap
Empretec Mauritius has developed a comprehensive programme at different levels tackling issues related to Life skills and also a scholarship programme to enable young people from low-income families to pursue further studies. We also provide adult literacy to support the parents and bridge the ICT Divide in order to give equal opportunities to all.