Entrepreneurship Development & Policy

Entrepreneur Profiling
Our trained professionals/trainers assess the major behaviours that are characteristic of successful entrepreneurs, known as Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PECs), as defined by the UNCTAD Entrepreneur Training Workshop (ETW) methodology. The profile gives the potential entrepreneur/entrepreneur an indication of his/her strengths and weaknesses. These competencies can be further improved and mastered through entrepreneurship training as defined by the UNCTAD.

Entrepreneurship Training
The Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW) has been developed for the UNCTAD by David McClelland, from Harvard University. It is based on a behavioural methodology to strengthen the 10 Key entrepreneurial competencies, commonly called PECs that influence the way entrepreneurs manage and run their businesses. This workshop has been designed for real business people or aspiring entrepreneurs and the main idea is that there are competencies and behaviours that can be taught which lead to success.

The programme is viewed as one of the best in terms of entrepreneurship training and has become the flagship of the 38 Empretec Centres around the world. At least 350,000 Empretecos (people having undergone ETW training) have been trained worldwide and in Mauritius, some 24 batches have been run since 2000 with great success. Previous participants include business high-flyers and women entrepreneurs of the year.

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SME Development Support
Since SMEs have an important role in the local economic fabric, we support entrepreneurs in their endeavour to set up their own enterprises and help them create formal structures. To achieve the mandate of economic empowerment, we provide technical assistance and guidance for the setting up of enterprises.

Business Plans, Feasibility & Market Studies
We support the existence of SMEs through assisting them in developing vital elements of their businesses. Our contribution includes guidance to develop their own business plans and empowering them to make it a living document, as well as conducting regular feasibility and market studies in different economic sectors to provide them with information that will help them choosing the market and segment they wish to target.

Innovation, Technology Transfer & Competitiveness
Innovation and technology transfer are the foundation of competitiveness for SMEs around the world. Their size limits their exposure and access to latest technologies acquired by larger companies. This service uses a clustered approach, among others, as a means to offer equal opportunities for the development of enterprise.