Capacity Building & Technical Assistance

Productivity & Quality Improvement
Productivity and quality are the foundation for the success and survival of an enterprise. We offer tailor-made solutions as per your needs based on the below methodology for the improvement of your enterprise.

Business Process Re-Engineering
We offer customised services to achieve better performance, lower wastes or higher productivity. Business Process Re-engineering can be applied in a multitude of spheres like manufacturing, light engineering or even the services sector to offer improvement opportunities.

Project Management
Empretec Mauritius has successfully managed and implemented a large number of projects both at local and regional levels. We have the required expertise and experience to handle major project types ranging from macro-economic initiatives to grass-roots poverty alleviation programmes with an empowerment strategy for more effective results.

Industrial Engineering
We assist you in the development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems using engineering principles and methods. We assist you in collecting and analysing critical information from your processes as well as in taking proper actions for optimised control of processes including operations research, systems engineering, management engineering, manufacturing engineering, ergonomics, human factors engineering, operational safety engineering, etc.

Applied Management
With the changing business environment, managers are called to play a more crucial role towards meeting the company’s objectives. It is not an easy task to supervise and manage people with diverse skills, thinking, and ways of accomplishing their work. Our programme tackles a wide range of managerial issues like skills, coordination, organisation, planning & control, motivation, delegation, team building, conflict management, time management, resource management, etc.

Financial Management & Control
Our programme including capital raising, allocation, budgeting, assets/current assets, policies, etc. targets the efficient and effective management of funds. It helps in assessing the soundness of the organisation, the accomplishment of objectives and overall administration.

Business Management
The Empretec Mauritius programme targets mainly SMEs but can also be applied to larger organisations, skilling middle and top management to effectively run their businesses. It can be customised to needs covering self-management, general management, business, administration, etc.

Vocational Education & Training
We have the expertise and experience to empower people for specific trades like textiles, handicraft, etc. through direct training, work-placements (apprenticeships) or eventually provide the support required to become autonomous. We also call upon partner organisations to facilitate the integration of trainees within the value chain.