Improving Sustainability

Improving Sustainability of Small & Medium Hotels through forward Marketing & Improved Backward Integration with the Local Community

Tourism has rapidly emerged as one of the key sectors of the Mauritian economy and its contribution is currently of about 12 % of its GDP. In essence, human resources and environment have been playing an important role in tourism product development and sustainability. In this context the project was set up to:

  • Prepare a common Strategic Plan including a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan to identify the various stakeholders and how to best support them
  • Develop a Marketing Plan comprising of a framework for continuous progress, including visibility actions and marketing support tools
  • Encourage the integration of informal businesses such as hawkers, taxi drivers, restaurants, etc. to offer clustered services and empowering them for an effective supply chain integration
  • Capacity building and support for developing the competences of participating hotels’ key staffs
  • Develop a business directory for Small & Medium Hotels (SMH) to collectively address common services offered
  • Sensitise and motivate SMH in building inter-enterprise linkages to increase their competitiveness at national and international levels 

Target Groups

  • Small & Medium Hotels
  • Job seekers in the hospitality industry
  • Informal businesses such as Hawkers, Taxi Drivers, etc.
  • Other Intermediary Organisations (IO) & Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA), involved with the promotion, development and sustainability of the hotel sector
  • Selected Members of the professional public 

Action Location: Mauritius