Improving Regional Integration

Improving regional integration and enhancing value supply chain in Eastern Africa – 2012


This project funded by CDE is being implemented by Empretec Mauritius. It aims for the promotion of trade flows and regional cooperation through

  • the identification of common constraints and the development of country action plans,Untitled-3
  • the consolidation of institutional linkages and policy dialogue,
  • a more knowledgeable trading community, and
  • the promotion of successful regional cooperation arrangements.


The main achievements of EM during the implementation of the project were:

  • Country Profiling & Trade Analysis of and with the particular country;Untitled-4
  • Capacity Building of AME and its members, Reinforcement and Promotion Regional Integration and Business Facilitation
  • Organisation of a Partnership Meeting for Trade, Business Development and Investment Flow


Action Location: Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Seychelles, Tanzania and Zimbabwe