Implementing Environment Friendly

 Implementing Environment Friendly Best Practices in Coastal Zones of the Indian

Untitled-11This regional project was carried out in 2 phases and provided technical assistance and capacity building to coastal enterprises (of the targeted regional countries) for the implementation of the Environmental friendly Best Practices in view of reducing their impact on coastal resources. The project contributed to the reduction of the negative impacts of coastal business activities on the coastal and marine environment through the dissemination of experience and know-how on Environment Management Systems (EMS) best practices through a comprehensive and “Do It Yourself” Implementation guide. It contributed also to poverty alleviation through the integration of environment friendly businesses and promotion of eco-tourism.

The project consisted of the following:

  • dlEndlFrImproving the Environment Management Systems in small and medium hotels and other tourism related businesses in targeted coastal regions of Madagascar (Antalaha, Ansiranana, Majunga, and Nosy Be regions), Tanzania, Seychelles and Rodrigues through the implementation of EMS best practices for sustainable tourism and coastal zone protection.
  • Skills development and assistance for implementation to help small and medium hotels and other coastal based businesses in their greening process in the above mentioned regions.
  • Reinforced capacity of IOs in the field of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and trained their personnel for dissemination of Know on environmental issues and take over implementation of Best practices in Hotels, Restaurants and other coastal businesses


Target Groups

  • Untitled-13Small and Medium Hotels in the region
  • Restaurants and Pubs in the coastal region of the partner countries
  • Aquaculture, Fisheries and other related businesses
  • Tourists and customers of the hotels through sensitization programmes
  • Hotel employees and the public at large through multiplier effects

Action Location:  Madagascar (Antalaha, Ansiranana, Majunga, Nosy Be regions), Tanzania, Seychelles and Mauritius (including Rodrigues)

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