Entrepreneurship Training Workshop 2019

Empretec Mauritius will be running the Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW) in Mauritius. It is an internationally acclaimed workshop, developed through intensive research by the Harvard University and UNCTAD. It is based on a behavioural change methodology to strengthen 10 Key entrepreneurial competencies (commonly called Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies or PECs) that influence the way entrepreneurs improve, expand, manage and run their businesses. It is an extensive training of 6 days for self-development and takes the participants through a different perspective of entrepreneurship.

The Workshop targets existing or aspiring entrepreneurs and key employees.

The ETW 35 is planned from 13 to 20 November 2019 (Excluding Weekend). Registered participants will go through a focussed and selection interviews prior to the workshop

The Entrepreneurship Training Workshop is an integrated capacity-building programme aiming at developing entrepreneurial competencies of both aspiring and established entrepreneurs. The workshop has been designed for real business people with life changing experiences.