Empowering Tourist Guides

Empowering Tourist Guides For Sustainable Tourism Development & Environment Protection

Untitled-17The profession of tourist guide is crucial to the sustainable development of the tourism sector in Mauritius. Tourist guides in their role as intermediaries, participate in creating the real tourism sensation by providing tourists with the desired information. The tourist guides have noted, however, a growing interest from European tourists on environmental aspects and environmental protection. As they are not environmental experts, a special effort is required by the tourist guides to provide to the tourists the required framework of perception by promoting the image of our country.

Untitled-18With an endeavour to promote sustainable tourism-related activities the project contributed towards the development of ecologically friendly and environmentally sustainable coastal tourism and associated activities. It reinforced the capabilities of stakeholders and other partner organisations / operators of coastal tourism industry by empowering their management and staff to deliver services compatible with sustainable ICZM tourism.

Specific activities relative to the project included:

  • Untitled-19Strengthened capacities of Management, tourist guides and the front-liners of the Tourism Industry as ‘advocates’ to promote a national awareness and proper education of public in general & tourist in particular, for sustainable and responsible utilisation of our costal resources.
  • Improved synergy between tourists’ guides and key operators (boat owners, travel agents, hotels, underwater diving centres, cruise organisers and other recreational services providers) of the Tourism Industry to encourage Coastal Eco- friendly tourists’ attraction & activities.
  • Increased contribution of stakeholders and coastal communities to reduce the negative impacts and marine environment and to promote development of eco-tourism related businesses for job creation and poverty alleviation.

Target Groups

  • Managers, members, Tourists guides, Front Liners of the Tourism Industry.
  • Professional Public, Front Liners of the Tourism Industry, Recreational activity providers

Action Location: Mauritius