Developing Sustainable Environment Friendly

Developing Sustainable Environment Friendly Entrepreneurship in Coastal Zones of East Africa & Indian Ocean

Untitled-14This project contributed in sensitising and training coastal communities on characteristics, importance and vulnerability of coastal and marine resources.  On the job training and coaching was provided to help coastal entrepreneurs in adopting new and specific well-defined greener practices and work methods which minimised human impact on coastal and marine resources. Emphasis was also laid on the identification of new business opportunities or areas which are not detrimental to the coastal and marine resources. Capacity building provided for developing personal and green entrepreneurial competencies and the creation of a regional network for value addition and promoting entrepreneurship growth.

Untitled-15On the overall the project offered an integrated and coherent approach leading to new structures, practices and opportunities leading to improved abilities, jobs and poverty alleviation. The activities were centred on:

  • Sensitised coastal communities in targeted countries on the DOs and DON’Ts as regards to them;
  • Adoption of greener practices and work methods;
  • Untitled-16Identified new business opportunities which can be tapped upon by coastal communities;
  • Developed personal and green entrepreneurial competencies of coastal communities;
  • Creation of a regional network for value addition and promoting entrepreneurship growth;
  • Reduced pollution level on targeted coastal zones.

Target Groups

  • Existing, Emerging and Potential Entrepreneurs

Action Location:  Madagascar (Antalaha, Ansiranana, Majunga, Nosy Be regions), Tanzania, and Mauritius (including Rodrigues)