Clustered Support Services

Clustered Support Services & Networking for Value Added Entrepreneurship

The project promoted the emergence of new entrepreneurs and empowered existing ones to prepare them for the emergence of new entrepreneurs and empower existing ones to be able to compete aggressively in the changing economic context. The action consisted of capacity building programs to improve the Personnel Entrepreneurial Competencies (PEG); business acumen and skills of existing and potential entrepreneurs and also supported SMEs in developing networks and clusters to promote business linkages to tap on opportunities available on global markets. A platform was set to facilitate exchanges for further business support & assistance to consolidate developed capabilities.

  • Identify high potential entrepreneurs & SMEs to live up to their full potential;
  • Set up groups (cluster maps) for diagnosis of requirements and provide specific competences in Entrepreneurship Capabilities, business acumen, and skills;
  • Raise full awareness amongst existing, new and potential entrepreneurs, women, unskilled or semi-skilled unemployed, under-employed and key stakeholders on the benefits of value added entrepreneurship development clustering and networking;
  • Conduct specific capacity programs in entrepreneurship training, business & marketing plan development and cash flow management;
  • Develop networking capabilities to take full advantages of supports and services (banking, marketing and regional integration, technology improvements, etc.) 

Target Groups

  • Businesses, SMEs & Micro-enterprises, existing Entrepreneurs, including women entrepreneurs from key sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, textiles, service, hospitality, etc.
  • New and potential entrepreneurs, unskilled or semi-skilled unemployed, youth, etc.
  • Staff & key members of EM & partners

Action Location: Mauritius