Building Franchising Capability

Building Franchising Capability For Technology Transfer, Business Growth & SMEs Development In Mauritius

Untitled-28The concept of Franchising is quite new to Mauritius. Through the various capacity building workshops and sensitisation, sufficient awareness and knowledge have been developed amongst the entrepreneurs, SMEs and key stakeholders (including professional resource persons) on franchising. The action specifically aimed to:

  • Create awareness and Capacity Building in fully understanding the concept, operation and importance of Franchising for Mauritius;
  • Strategic planning for franchise transfer, including setting up of Mauritius Franchise Association to support franchising in, out and within Mauritius;
  • Sensitisation in legal aspects involved in franchise acquisitions and IPR transfer mechanisms;
  • Develop a Franchising Toolkit(with particular emphasis on SMEs needs) to provide instructions about owning a franchise business.

Target Groups

  • Untitled-29Individuals servicing the SMEs and assisting in entrepreneurship development
  • SMEs, SMEs Associations & Groupings, Cooperatives, Women’s associations, Entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Key stakeholders (such as banks, support institutions, authorities, legal & judiciary, etc.)
  • Professional group (Accountants, Attorneys, Consultants, etc.)

Action Location: Mauritius