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Assistance and Integration of Low Income

Assistance and Integration of Low Income & Vulnerable Women in the National Development Process – 2014

The project supports poor, vulnerable and marginalized women to move out of poverty and empowers them to integrate into the mainstream society.  The project targets some 500 low income and marginalised women from 10-12 selected poverty stricken regions of the half northern part of Mauritius. 

The overall objective is to facilitate a change in behavior by enhancing the self-esteem of women to meet existing challenges in their lives.

Specific Objectives:
The specific objectives are set to develop the literacy and life skills of the target women group for increased social emancipation and economic participation.

Most specifically:

  • Support social emancipation and economic empowerment of women for sustainable development and growth in the poverty stricken regions;
  • Provide training in basic literacy, numeracy and household management to enhance decision making capabilities of household heads in their family and working life;
  • Provide life skills education in health & quality of life for enhancing well-being and self-productivity of women, youth & children;
  • Preventive strategies & general awareness against domestic violence and child neglect;
  • Empower women for better employability and/or inducement to become self-employed.


Action Location: Mauritius (Port Louis/ North, Pamplemousses / Riviere du Rempart, Quartier Militaire/ Centre)




Improving Regional Integration

Improving regional integration and enhancing value supply chain in Eastern Africa – 2012


This project funded by CDE is being implemented by Empretec Mauritius. It aims for the promotion of trade flows and regional cooperation through

  • the identification of common constraints and the development of country action plans,Untitled-3
  • the consolidation of institutional linkages and policy dialogue,
  • a more knowledgeable trading community, and
  • the promotion of successful regional cooperation arrangements.


The main achievements of EM during the implementation of the project were:

  • Country Profiling & Trade Analysis of and with the particular country;Untitled-4
  • Capacity Building of AME and its members, Reinforcement and Promotion Regional Integration and Business Facilitation
  • Organisation of a Partnership Meeting for Trade, Business Development and Investment Flow


Action Location: Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Seychelles, Tanzania and Zimbabwe


Strengthening the Textile & Garment

Strengthening the Textile & Garment Supply Chain, Through Value Addition, Capacity Building, Productivity Improvement, Quality Enhancement & Regional Integration

The project “Strengthening the Textile & Garment Supply Chain”   was a comprehensive programme to build capacity at the national level in Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Kenya and Mauritius with regional exchanges in view to improve supply capacity and product quality of the African manufacturers for increasing export to the EU, US and regional market. The project had the following main objectives:

  • Empower Textile Support Agencies / Intermediary Organizations and Consultants Associations from Mauritius, Madagascar, Ethiopia & Ghana to provide high standard & sustainable technical assistance & Business Development services to their members;Untitled-7
  • Assist textiles and garments factories in these selected African Countries to improve their competitive edge by adding value in their supply chain, improving productivity, enhancing quality and marketability of their products; benchmark with available best practices;
  • Strengthen the African Textile Network to iron out NTBs and develop a true sense of regional integration and supply chain value addition; and engage further Public-Private Dialogue for improved benefit of EPA, AGOA.

A multi-level approach was adopted for the project execution

  • Micro Enterprise levelUntitled-8
    • Factory Audits & Factory Evaluation (FEPA)
    • Local & Regional Workshops
    • On the job Technical Assistance & Supports
  • Macro-Economic / Country Sector Level
    • Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Mauritius – SWOT, status of the Textile Industry, summary of main findings during FEPA, etc.
  • Regional LevelUntitled-9
    • Study on Regional Textile and Garment Sector Business Facilitation & Regional Integration addressing issues on Business Facilitation, Regional Trade and Commerce
    • Market Study on EU Countries, Analysis and Development for the Textile Sector – analysis of export markets of the four countries, marketing strategies, and inputs from Empretec Mauritius following participation in Textile & Fashion Fairs in Sep 2011.

Target Groups

  • At partner IOs (Apex National Textile Associations) levelUntitled-10
  • At Enterprise & IOs member Level (Supported Enterprises)
  • At Institutional Level (National & Regional)

Action Location:  Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Kenya & Mauritius

TRINNEX Indian Ocean 2011

TRINNEX Indian Ocean 2011, Reinforcing capacities of private sectors to better adapt to new trade regulations

TRINNEX (Trade and Investment Nexus) is an instrument, designed to sensitize and prepare the ACP private sector through their IOs and REGs to actively contribute to trade policy negotiations and more particularly to the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) negotiations of the European Union. The action was undertaken to:


  • Sensitize and prepare the ACP private sector through IOs and REGs to actively participate and contribute to trade policy negotiations specially “Economic Partnership Agreements”
  • Create awareness among the private sector operators on the impact of the EPA on their businesses enabling them to derive full benefit from the EPA

The regional workshop “TRINNEX Indian Ocean 2011” on Economic Partnership Agreement: helping the private sector to make the most of new trade opportunities, hosted by PRO€INVEST, took place in Mauritius from 22 to 23 February 2011 at the Intercontinental Resort, Balaclava.

The event brought together representatives of private sector intermediary organisations and trade officials from the Eastern and Southern Africa / Indian Ocean (ESA-IO) countries notably Comoros, Réunion (France), Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles as well as representatives of the European Commission, regional intergovernmental organisations and experts, to help stakeholders better understand the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the related challenges and opportunities, and its concrete impact on business realities. The event had in attendance, 105 participants, representing:

  • 41 private sector IOs from the 5 selected countries
  • 27 public sector representatives including negotiators from the 5 selected countries
  • 5 EU programme partners including EC Delegations, DG Trade, Indian Ocean Commission and IRCC/COMESA
  • Experts and Consultants

The workshop addressed the concerns raised by the private sector and government trade officials of the ESA-IO region on ways to enable the private sector of the region to benefit as much as possible from the EPA.


The beneficiary countries of TRINNEX IO were countries of the Indian Ocean namely Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, La Reunion (France) and the Seychelles, and EU Programme Partners.

Margareth Pan Sin

Untitled-32“A life changing Experience following the ETW in 2001, I launched my first business and the competencies that I developed kept me going even in hardest times.” 

Margareth Pan Sin, Director Chee Li Chop Co Ltd, Scoobidoux Ltee, Bricemarc Ltd (and others) and also 2011 Women Entrepreneur of the Year – Visa Essentielle


Maya Sewnath

Untitled-31I was the first batch of entrepreneurs who have participated in the Entrepreneurial Training workshop in 2000.. The Empretec Training Workshop boosted my confidence and my potential to grow and manage my enterprise. Soon after the workshop, I changed location from a residential to an industrial area and we have tripled our production. I even sent my two sons and various staffs to participate in this workshop.

Maya Sewnath, Managing Director, SSS Furniture & among the 10 Finalist worldwide  for THE FOURTH EMPRETEC WOMEN IN BUSINESS AWARD: 2014

Women Empowerment – Health Awareness and Breast Cancer screening

In collaboration with Link to Life the action aims at sensitising vulnerable women on health issues. The workshop will help to change their habits towards more health conscious behaviours. A cancer screening among the participants was also carried out

When and Where
Tuesday 25 November 2014 as from 13:00,
Panchavati Community Centre, Riviere du Rempart