Assistance and Integration of Low Income

Assistance and Integration of Low Income & Vulnerable Women in the National Development Process – 2014

The project supports poor, vulnerable and marginalized women to move out of poverty and empowers them to integrate into the mainstream society.  The project targets some 500 low income and marginalised women from 10-12 selected poverty stricken regions of the half northern part of Mauritius. 

The overall objective is to facilitate a change in behavior by enhancing the self-esteem of women to meet existing challenges in their lives.

Specific Objectives:
The specific objectives are set to develop the literacy and life skills of the target women group for increased social emancipation and economic participation.

Most specifically:

  • Support social emancipation and economic empowerment of women for sustainable development and growth in the poverty stricken regions;
  • Provide training in basic literacy, numeracy and household management to enhance decision making capabilities of household heads in their family and working life;
  • Provide life skills education in health & quality of life for enhancing well-being and self-productivity of women, youth & children;
  • Preventive strategies & general awareness against domestic violence and child neglect;
  • Empower women for better employability and/or inducement to become self-employed.


Action Location: Mauritius (Port Louis/ North, Pamplemousses / Riviere du Rempart, Quartier Militaire/ Centre)