Vision & Mission

Promoting entrepreneurship excellence, socio-economic empowerment and sustainable development. Build capacities of potential and established entrepreneurs for socio-economic empowerment... read more

Capacity Building & Technical Assistance

We aim for quality knowledge and skills acquisition for improved performance Our programmes focus on an adult learning approach to capture the attention of our trainees. Our programmes are a mix of training and coaching. read more

Entrepreneurship Development & Policy

Our concept of entrepreneurship is not confined to only businesses but also includes positive social interventions. Based on UNCTAD’s Entrepreneurship Model we inspire and support individuals (existing or aspiring entrepreneurs) to become self-dependent and reinforce their personal competencies. read more

Trade, Investment Facilitation & Regional Integration

We provide services and supports to study and develop economic corridors and opportunities in the region using our strong network. We not only focus on facilitating trade expansion but also on the broader goal of sustainable and inclusive economic issues for regional integration read more

Social Empowerment & Poverty Alleviation

We undertake to empower those living in poverty being a critical driver for poverty reduction. Our Targets are both the agents and beneficiaries of economic growth. Combining the latter with social empowerment we aim to make a more effective impact on poverty reduction read more

Environment & Sustainable Development

EM provides assistance to achieve sustainable development through comprehensive roadmaps and action plans in any activity that uses resources to achieve sustainability. We go by the concept of meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We encourage individuals to share their knowledge, accept responsibility and improve their quality of life. read more

P2P Lending in Mauritius

P2P Lending in Mauritius

Success Stories

  • Maya Sewnath

    I was the first batch of entrepreneurs who have participated in the...

  • Margareth Pan Sin

    A life changing Experience following the ETW in 2001, I launched my first business and...

  • Nazima Peeroo

    “This was a life changing experience as I was not only able to improve my business, but...

  • Amar Deerpalsing

    “This is the best entrepreneurship training program I have seen & certainly among the best...

  • Jameel Rahemtoola

    “The ETW for me was a great investment which offered invaluable experiences and a continuous...

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